MF C45 Motor Yacht
MF C45 MY MF C45 Motor Yacht

Flying Cat Yacht is a modern and high-performance vessel with an overall length of 13.6 meters, a maximum beam of 4.57 meters and a draft of 0.82 meters. This yacht is equipped with two Weichai WP10-395HP main engines with strong power, and is equipped with a 13kW diesel generator running at a frequency of 50Hz to ensure stable power supply. The fresh water reserve reaches 378 liters, which can meet daily needs; the fuel tank capacity reaches 1703 liters, giving it the ability to sail long distances. Flying Cat yachts not only focus on performance in design, but also excel in comfort and practicality, making them suitable for all types of marine activities and leisure entertainment.

Yacht specifications

Model MF C45 MY
Type 雙體
Engine 濰柴WP10-395HP 兩台
Length(Ft) 44
Width(Ft) 14
Draft(Ft) 2
Displacement(T) 0
Fuel Tank(Gal) 450
Freshwater Tank(Gal) 99