VR Display

The VV2 yacht is a well-designed and high-performance vessel with an overall length of 14 meters, a maximum beam of 4.8 meters, a draft of 0.78 meters, and a displacement of 15 tons. This yacht is equipped with two Isuzu diesel main engines, each with a horsepower of 130HP, and is equipped with an Oma 10kw diesel generator. The fuel tank capacity is 800 liters, which can support long-term voyages. The fresh water reserve reaches 150 liters, making it suitable for navigation in Category III navigation areas. The maximum speed of the VV2 yacht is 15 knots, the economic speed is 10 knots, and the fuel consumption at the economic speed is 35-50 liters. This yacht not only has excellent performance, but also provides users with extremely high comfort and stability, making it an ideal choice for maritime adventure and leisure entertainment.

Yacht specifications

Model VV2
Type 雙體
Engine 五十铃 (柴油) 2x130HP
Length(Ft) 45
Width(Ft) 15
Draft(Ft) 2
Displacement(T) 15
Fuel Tank(Gal) 211
Freshwater Tank(Gal) 39