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V55 Luxury Catamaran Yacht
V55 V55 Luxury Catamaran Yacht

The V55 yacht is a sophisticated and powerful vessel with an overall length of 17.36 meters, a maximum beam of 7.4 meters, a draft of 0.9 meters and a displacement of 25 tons. This yacht is equipped with two Japanese YANMAR diesel engines, each with a horsepower of 250HP, and is equipped with an Omar 13.6kw diesel generator. The fuel tank capacity is 2000 liters, which can support long-term voyages. The fresh water reserve reaches 600 liters, making it suitable for navigation in Category III navigation areas. The maximum speed of the V55 yacht is 15 knots, the economic speed is 10 knots, and the fuel consumption at the economic speed is 60-100 liters. The total area reaches 161 square meters. The hull and structure are made of high-strength fiberglass composite materials, ensuring its strong and durable performance. This yacht provides the owner with an excellent experience in both performance and comfort.

Yacht specifications

Model V55
Type 雙體
Engine 日本 YANMAR(柴油)2x250HP
Length(Ft) 56
Width(Ft) 24
Draft(Ft) 2
Displacement(T) 25
Fuel Tank(Gal) 440
Freshwater Tank(Gal) 158