VIVIC Group VVT new energy yacht launched

At the 4th Zhejiang (Wenzhou) Imported Consumer Goods Expo, VIVIC Group released VVT new energy yachts globally.

"VVT" yacht has a beautiful, stylish and generous design. Gross design tonnage: 2.96T; boat width: 2.21M; waterline length: 6.76M. It can accommodate up to 12 people, achieves zero emissions and almost silent propulsion, and has now been commercialized. Large-scale production, looking forward to cooperating with more yacht and cultural tourism operating companies.

The "VVT" yacht is equipped with the VIVIC-E electric propulsion system, which is not just a drive motor in the traditional sense with a high-voltage battery pack, but also a set of intelligent whole-ship vector control systems. The goal is to achieve high performance and high performance through this patented technology. High efficiency, improve driving experience and range.

The "VVT" yacht is particularly suitable for sailing in restricted water resources protected lakes. It has the characteristics of light weight, low noise, fast speed, shallow draft, anti-cavitation, small attached resistance, and good maneuverability.