[Hainan Daily Report] VIVIC Group Hainan Industrial Park goes into operation

Hainan Daily reporter Ang Ying

On December 9, the reporter visited a Taiwan-funded yacht manufacturing company located in Jinjinggang Development Zone, Lingao County. The sound of cutting machines and electric drills is endless in the workshop. Workers wearing masks are busy in an orderly manner, polishing and polishing the yacht hull molds.

The reporter walked around the factory and found that some yacht molds had begun to take shape, so he curiously asked the workers about the yacht manufacturing process. "We are stepping up production and repair of the main deck, roof and some split molds of the VV2 yacht. The next step is to use the vacuum infusion process to manufacture the hull. After the hull is solidified, the finished product can be demoulded, and then the hull, deck, roof and It will be closed, followed by outfitting and other processes. After passing the inspection by the shipping department, a yacht will be 'out of the oven'," technical worker Zhang Yunbing told reporters while repairing the mold without even raising his head.

The person in charge of the factory on the side, Taiwanese businessman Deng Rensheng, saw this and took over the conversation: "The VV2 yacht is made of fiberglass and has a solid double-hull structure. It cruises smoothly and consumes less fuel. This yacht is specially designed by Charles Schwab Yacht Group to leverage its potential. Hainan’s huge yacht leisure tourism market is a newly developed sea vacation yacht. It has a large space, like a sea bar, and has the ability to travel in shallow areas, and can sail to beautiful ocean views that many yachts and sailboats cannot approach.”

"At present, VV2 yachts are only produced in Hainan and are expected to be launched in June next year. We have received many orders one after another, and the price range of a single boat is between 4 million and 8 million yuan." He said that the Lingao base covers a total area of 4 Ten thousand square meters, the first phase of the factory construction is about 10,000 square meters. After the company gets on track, it is expected to produce 30 yachts of various types annually, with an output value of up to 200 million yuan in 2023.

"The yacht industry is called the 'gold industry floating on the blue sea.' Hainan has a long coastline, vast sea area, and residents' income levels are getting higher and higher. There is great potential for yacht consumption in the future, and it is very suitable for the development of the yacht industry." Hainan Jiaxin Yacht Group Chairman and Taiwanese businessman Gong Yunguang noted that with the release and implementation of policies such as the "Hainan Free Trade Port Yacht Industry Promotion Regulations" and the "Hainan Province Action Plan to Promote the High-Quality Development of the Yacht Repair and Building Industry (2022-2026)" this year, Hainan Yachts The industry will enter a period of rapid development and gradually become a sunrise industry for urban leisure consumption in Hainan.

"As the first Taiwan-funded enterprise in the yacht industry in Hainan, we are willing to lead Hainan tourists and citizens to gradually enter the 'yacht life circle' of sports, leisure, and trendy fashion." Gong Yunguang believes that the conditions are ripe and the time is right for the introduction of Hainan's yacht industry policy. It provides long-term institutional support for building a modern yacht industry system in Hainan Free Trade Port. It proposes to promote the research and development and manufacturing of diversified and functional yacht products, realize green and intelligent development of yacht building, and accelerate the development of new products for enterprises. R&D and transformation are provided with greater support.

Gong Yunguang said that the group will actively respond to Hainan’s new energy strategy and promote the development of the new energy yacht industry. “We are negotiating cooperation with CATL in areas such as power battery utilization. In the future, we will also launch a pure electric version of EV2 yachts and strive to expand the market in the new energy industry. Major breakthroughs have been achieved in the research and development of energy yachts.”

"The group will rely on the Lingao base to expand yacht maintenance, modification, supply and other businesses, launch yacht experience, driving training, marine events and other related activities, and form a synergy with the scenic spots near Lingao." Gong Yunguang believes that in the free trade Under the new opportunities of port development, enterprises will "swim" to a wider world. "We will gradually cultivate a yacht industry cluster in the second and third phases of the project, build Hainan's first yacht-themed tourism factory, and industrial production." The landscape and coastal scenery are regarded as tourism projects, coupled with corresponding services such as tour guides, B&Bs, and food, allowing tourists to obtain diversified experiences such as sightseeing, leisure, and science popularization, and promote the development of the upstream and downstream yacht industries in the Hainan Free Trade Port.”